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New Coloring Book "World's Princesses "

World's Princesses - National Costumes

"The World's Princesses" printable coloring book reflects female's national costumes and shows royal outfits for 10 countries: Egypt, France, Greece, Russia, Spain, Japan, China, Italy, England and Saudi Arabia. The young and talented Russian anime artist Valeria Fedoseeva has done coloring pages in anime style that would definitely make this 10-pages coloring book attractive and popular among kids. This coloring book can even educate your child on history of the World's national costumes.

Santa's Christmas

As Christmas approaches Santa Clause has a lot to do! This 20-pages printable coloring book reflects Santa's busy schedule. He reads each letter over twice to make sure every child's been nice. Then he has to deliver gifts to every boy and girl. Enjoy 20 coloring pages about Santa and Christmas.

Happy holidays for everyone!

World War II Aircrafts

World War II Aircrafts

World War II aviation enthusiasts will be thrilled with this beautiful printable coloring book. 10 different planes shown in action during the battle for air supremacy during World War II — all dramatically and accurately rendered. This coloring book includes Soviet fighter Yak-3, British bomber Short Sunderland II, artillery spotter Su-12, Germany bomber Heinkel HE-111H, heavy fighter Messerschmitt 110C and American bomber B-25D Mitchell.

Jumbo Fashion Coloring Book

Jumbo Fashion Coloring Book

Every girl will love this fashion coloring E-book!Jumbo Fashion Coloring Book consists of the 7 most popular, most purchased coloring books for girls with 100+ outfits to color - princesses and brides, prom queens and runway top-models. More then 100 printable coloring pages of gorgeous fashion dresses will give your little ladies hours of enjoyment and fun with this charming girl coloring book.

War Tanks Coloring Book

War Tanks

This 20-pages printable coloring book gives historic overview and educates on main battle tanks and battle machinery subject. Each page contains the illustration itself, the title of the tank and the name of the country-manufacturer. You child not only will enjoy the coloring but become educated and probably will research more on war tanks and other military subjects.

Future Transport Coloring Book

Future Transport

What if personal rocket ships and railways, flying cars and house robots not so far in the future? Let's imagine how exactly the future will be like. The scientists will be wizards, machines will be magically effective and efficient and space travelling will be an every-day event. Enjoy coloring this 17-pages coloring book about future transportation and keep fantasizing about the future.

Yamamoto's Fantasy World

Yamamoto's Fantasy World Coloring Book

A very talented young man named Yamamoto created his own fantasy world full of flying dragons, magic and brave characters who are fighting against dark forces. This printable coloring book contains 10 characters created in fantasy/anime style. You will meet warrior princesses, wizards and pilgrims who are dressed in old-time coats and armor, they ride dragons and carry swards, sticks and pistols. Enjoy your copy of this amazing fantasy coloring book.

Coloring pages

Just wanted to share links to a couple of amazing sites with tonnes of free coloring pages:



Free Dancing Princesses Coloring Pages

Article source: 
By Michelle M. Guilbeau-Sheppard

Little girls love to color princess images and this is a great free way for children to express their creativity! The websites listed have lots of free Coloring Princess Pages so if you are looking for a great activity that will keep children busy and will not cost you a dime except for the paper and ink, then this is your answer!  Read more...

Sister Princess Anime Coloring Book

Sister Princess

Sister Princess is an anime television series, based on the manga and video game series of the same name. The story focuses on twelve cute little sisters (Karen, Sakuya, Hinako, Marie, Chikage, Yotsuba, Haruka, Rinrin, Mamoru, Aria, Kaho and Shirayuki) who can't stop loving their older brother in their own way. This 10-pages printable anime coloring book contains 10 magnificent ready-to-color illustrations of the characters from the Sister Princess anime series. Anime and Manga fans will enjoy coloring this coloring book with well rendered anime series characters.